How can I subscribe to the Package?
You can select the desired service package from the list given on the Services page.
Just click on the desired package and subscribe to it.

How many days can I use the free package?
We are providing a 7 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our services, you can terminate the selected package and we will refund without charging a service fee.

Can I swap the packages?
Yes, you can swap the packages for the same prices. If the swapped package is higher in price, you have to make extra payment to level the amount.

Are the packages forever even if I don’t need them anymore?
No. This is your choice when to cancel the package and when to start again. No hidden charges, no questions asked.

How can I use the Services?
You just need to subscribe or Buy a service you want, you’ll be provided a professional dashboard where you can submit the tickets for your problems and the team will respond to you to resolve the problems. You can set the priority as well.

Can I generate more than one ticket?
Yes, you can submit as many tickets as you want, we’ll resolve them one by one. When the submitted ticket is answered or resolved, you will be notified in your dashboard.